Alcohol Can Damage Your Eyesight

Consuming large amounts of alcohol regularly over a prolonged period can damage numerous body parts including the eyes. As a result, many alcoholics and people with history of alcohol abuse have reported eye problems in the past.

Alcohol affects the brain negatively, and alcoholism can cause neurological disorders that vary from walking difficulties to garbled speech. Alcohol can weaken your eye muscles and damage the optic nerve that transmits information from the eyes to the brain beyond repair. This can lead to fast eye movement and ultimately blindness, which is known as toxic amblyopia, The Independent reports.

Besides damaging the optic nerve, alcohol can also slow down the communication between the eyes and brain which can result in distorted view. Alcohol can also reduce the reaction of your retina to light, and reduces your ability to see the full color spectrum.

The most characteristic problem of consuming too much alcohol are blood red eyes. People who consume alcohol all the time have bloody eyes as the compound makes the blood vessels in the eye swell, making them appear bigger and bloody. Besides the redness, alcohol has also been known to cause light sensitivity which is a big problem for many alcoholics. Seeing how damaging it is, we suggest reducing your alcohol intake or visiting a professional who can help you in cases of alcoholism.