Benefits And Properties Of Dandelion Tea

Swelling can occur for a variety of reasons, whether due to excessive blood accumulation, fluid retention or gastrointestinal problems. Be that as it may, we all agree that a swelling is not something to be enjoyed.


However, if you are suffering from some type of swelling you do not have to worry because it is possible to get rid of it simply by drinking an infusion based on Dandelion which, in addition to helping you with your condition, will avoid the consumption of chemical drugs that Can affect other parts of the body. Continue reading to learn how to prepare this tea and know all its benefits.


Dandelion, also known as Baker’s Flower, is a wild flower that grows in any type of environment so it is very easy to get, you just have to inspect your garden and collect a couple of them. It is a flower that has been used for medicinal purposes since antiquity, in fact it is one of the most medicinal herbs in the world.

In this case, we will teach you to prepare a tea based on Dandelion to fight the swelling due to its beneficial properties.


-3 cups water
-3 bags of dandelion root tea or 3 tablespoons of dandelion root roasted by yourself. If you want to use the leaves of the plant for this recipe you must use between 4 and 7.
-1 pinch of ground cinnamon
-¼ tablespoon ground ginger
-½ tablespoon black pepper seeds
-Honey (optional)


1.Put all the ingredients (except the honey) in a small pot and mix well while it is heated. Let the content heat up but check that it does not boil, it will take you about 10 minutes.
2.Use a strainer to filter and pour the contents of the pot into a cup. Keep what you put in a jar.
3.If you wish you can add a little honey to sweeten it.
4.Drink this infusion twice a day until the swelling is gone but keep in mind that if the swelling lasts for more than three days you should consult your doctor.

Note : If you have kidney problems, before you drink this infusion you should consult your primary doctor because in such cases the Dandelion may be contraindicated.


-It is rich in vitamins A, C and K.
-It is a natural diuretic that allows the kidney to produce more urine through which toxins will be removed.
-It helps to replenish potassium that is lost after removing fluid retention, since -it contains three times more potassium than other diuretics.
-It prevents hepatic hemorrhages and helps to maintain the proper functioning of the liver.
-It improves the health of the eyes.
Helps fight acne.
-It stimulates the secretion of digestive organs.

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