Fitness, 4 basic rules to start and never ever cease

Fitness, 4 basic rules to start and never ever cease

Have not you ever been fitness? Have you started several times but have you always left it? Below are some basic rules that would help you to start it with force and desire.

1. The first thing you should do is visit a doctor. Depending on your condition, your doctor will also suggest the level and type of gymnastics. Remember that even gentle gymnastics, even yoga makes you good and above all makes you sweat.

2. A pair of suitable shoes. Not all special gym shoes are equally suitable. For fitness, high-level footwear is recommended to protect your articulations and tendons from strain.

3. Hide the scales. You should always keep in mind that fitness does not lower your weight, it improves your body, reduces the number of waist, chest, legs and arms. In other words, you should not refer to weight to understand the effectiveness of the exercise.

4. Rest. You must necessarily give yourself the right to rest. You need to know that muscles grow and enlarge while you are at rest.