If You Are 0 Blood Type, You Must Be Careful Because Of This: It’ll Save Your Life!

People with blood type 0 can donate blood to every other blood type, which makes them special. The erythrocytes in this group can’t destroy someone else’s blood, which makes the group ideal for all other groups. However, they can only receive blood from someone in the same group, which is problematic as this blood type is rare.

People with blood type 0 are special on many levels – besides being able to receive blood only from their group, they are also more prone to several diseases and conditions such as thyroid disorders, iodine deficiency, ulcers and other health problems. These people are always focused and aware of everything around them, and their high-energy levels and pro-activity are highly valued in society. Their power and productivity probably came from their hunter ancestors, who observed the environment carefully in order to survive.

In Japan, people with blood type 0 are considered very special. This is why some employers might ask about your blood type when on a job interview.

Hyperactive and impulsive

People with blood type 0 are impulsive, hyperactive and angry when under stress. Their focus on work and high levels of stress make them more vulnerable to numerous metabolic processes such as insulin resistance, slow thyroid and being overweight. Furthermore, these people also suffer from high levels of stomach acid, and are more susceptible to stomach ulcers.

Experts suggest avoiding caffeine and alcohol if you’re in this group as they can raise the levels of adrenaline, which is already at a high level. In order to stay healthy, people with blood type 0 should exercise 3-4 times a week and try to reduce their stress levels.