People from the blood type O group can donate blood to every other group. It’s a very unique ability to have, but on the downside, you can only receive blood from people with the same blood type. This is a big problem as blood type O is rare. But the ability of giving blood to all blood type groups is not the only unique ability these people have – according to scientists, blood type O makes you different in character as well.

Scientists say that these people are born leaders and are extremely energetic. They are always focused at their goals, and won’t let anything distract them from what they have in mind. These powerful characteristics can be found in many historic leaders.
People with blood type O are more vulnerable to ulcers and thyroid dysfunction from other people. They are also more prone to iodine deficiency and low levels of thyroid hormones which may cause adverse side-effects such as excess body weight and water retention. In Japan, blood type O has been linked to a unique type of personality – some employers might ask might even ask about your blood type group when you’re on an interview for a job! People with this blood type group are responsible, committed, organized, focused and practical and are great logicians as well. They are also good at orientation, an ability which comes from their hunter ancestors who needed to observe the environment well in order to hunt and survive.
When under a huge amount of stress, people with blood type O are hyperactive and impulsive and can get quite anxious. If this anxiety is combined with an unhealthy diet and inactive lifestyle, it may make you more prone to harmful metabolic processes such as slow thyroid, insulin resistance and weight gain. These people are also more prone to stomach acids and sensitivity, which is why they are constantly affected by ulcers. Experts recommend staying away from nicotine and alcohol if you’re in this group of people, as both compounds can be harmful and raise the level of your adrenaline, which is already high in the blood type O group. Exercising 3-4 times a week is also recommended in order to avoid further health complications.

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