Improve The Blood Count And Increase Your Blood Cells Using This Homemade Syrup

Low blood count in your body can often lead to symptoms such as decreased energy and constant fatigue. Consuming this natural syrup will help you significantly improve it.

This is how to prepare it:


  • One kilogram of beets
  • A cup of dried apricots
  • of spinach
  • of kale
  • Two oranges
  • Half a kilogram of cherries


Chop the beets, spinach, kale and dried apricots in smaller pieces, and put them in a mixer. Next, transfer this mixture in a big container. Squeeze the lemon and oranges, and then add the juice in the container. You can also add two tablespoons of honey to taste and combine well.

Pour this remedy in glass bottles and jars with lids, and store them in a cool and dark place. You will get around 7cups of syrup that will be enough for one month.


Take three tablespoons of this syrup when you wake up on an empty stomach, before breakfast. This will boost the red blood cells and will significantly improve your blood count.

Don’t forget to add lentils, beans and legumes in your diet as well.

Source: Choosehealthyandnatural

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