Office Pets Gone Wrong

Pets are great. Not only do they bring you companionship and entertainment, they’re also good for your mental and physical health. Pet owners live longer, have lower blood pressure, and are less prone to anxiety than their pet-less peers. As the research continues to demonstrate just how beneficial pets can be to humans, some employers are taking note. In some offices, puppies are brought in for therapy days. I don’t know about you, but I think lying in a room full of frolicking, chubby puppies would certainly make me more productive!

Some workplaces have even gone so far as getting a pet for the office. The idea is that the pet lives in the office and the co-workers share the responsibilities while enjoying the animal’s beneficial friendship and energy. But as this original video from the Diply Production team will demonstrate, some pets are more well-suited to an office than others.

Common office pets include everything from puppies to kittens to fish. Why does an office pet have to be something so conventional, though? When it comes to an office pet, what would happen if your employer thought outside the crate? Don’t you think your office could use an unusual exotic animal to liven things up a little bit?

The video imagines what life would be like if an office got the world’s crankiest animal: a massive snapping turtle with an alarming attitude problem. The chaos that ensues is hilarious, especially since they name the turtle Bruce, which for some reason makes it about a million times funnier. What you are about to see may be terrifying, but we can assure you, no toes were lost during the production of this film… Or any other appendages, for that matter.