Papaya Smoothie And Oatmeal, Will Clean the Colon and Will Make You To Lose Weight

The digestive system is the set of organs (mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine) responsible for the digestion process.

Papaya Smoothie And Oatmeal, Will Clean the Colon and Will Make You To Lose Weight

Digestion is the process of transforming food so that it can be absorbed and used by the body’s cells.

The function performed is transport (food), secretion (digestive juices), absorption (nutrients) and excretion (through the defecation process).

In the digestion process carbohydrates, lipids and proteins are transformed into simpler units, thanks to the digestive enzymes, so that they can be absorbed and transported by the blood.

This blender which is 100% natural will help you clean your digitizing system.

This papaya shake also has other very nuanced ingredients.

Considered as one of the most refreshing and rich liqueurs, this will help you to evacuate more and combat fatigue.
Both papaya and oats are two very economical foods which contribute a lot of nutrients to the body.

The papaya, which is also known as zapote melon, pump fruit or milky, has high levels of sugars, fiber and beta-carotene.

Oatmeal on the other hand has a component called beta glucan that helps to reduce cholesterol, in addition to possessing a high level of fibers.

Resulting studies have shown that consumption of fiber helps reduce the risk of heart disease.


-½ in a cup of organic oats without gluten in grain.
-¾ in a cup with papaya, cut into squares.
-½ in a cup of homemade almond milk
-¼ tablespoon cinnamon

Preparation and consumption:

Add papaya, oatmeal with cinnamon and almond milk in a blender and leave to blend for about 15 seconds until well mixed, then serve in a glass with ice and consume cold.

This shake will decrease anxiety and help you lose weight, works as a natural laxative and helps keep the intestines clean because it regulates bowel movements in addition to deflates the belly.

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