Reason Why This Woman Woke Up With Bruises All Over Her Body Is Terrifying

Mostly a bruise is nothing to worry about. If you bump your head or chin somewhere, you will end up facing a severe bruise. But sometimes there might be a hidden message that the bruises are trying to tell you.

What if one fine morning you wake up with a lot of bruises, and you know nothing about them? This happened in real, and we have an example. A lady was having fun on the dance floor and was in full senses the entire night. She saw bruises all over her body the following morning.

Meet 37-year-old Thea Wilson who woke up the next morning with bruises.

She had a fun night out at the club. But the bruises couldn’t have been because of a wild tumble with someone.

She spent the night sober. She knew it well that a wild encounter was not the reason behind them.

She says she experienced slight bumps on the dance floor.

When the bruises didn’t disappear, she sought medical help.

At first, doctors thought that it is happening because she has a problem with her platelets, but it turned out to be a form of cancer.

With this new form of cancer, a bunch of immature blood cells crowds a person’s bone marrow.


The condition is called Acute promyelocytic leukemia.


So how exactly does one end up with this?

About one in 250,000 Americans will develop Acute promyelocytic leukemia in their lifetime. While it is not inherited, sufferers are born with cell conditions that give shape to the illness.

The lack of the white blood cells means more infections and slower healing.

And with fewer platelets, the body isn’t able to clot easily, which puts the person suffering at a higher risk of internal bleeding.

In Wilson’s case, she had nine platelets when it should have between 140 and 400.


Her disease was a fatal kind of leukaemia, they caught it and now she is in remission.

We wish her a better health.