These 10 Men Have Transformed Their Bodies After The Age Of 50 And Prove Age Is Just A Number

Aging is a natural process we can’t stop, but it doesn’t mean that we should just give up! Eating healthy and staying active while taking care of yourself spiritually and emotionally can make your golden years a treat and will also help you look great as well.


Continue reading the article to see more about these older men that are proving age stereotypes wrong – they’re not only models; they’re trying to show you how to live life at the fullest no matter the age.

Phillipe Dumas, age 60


After jumping into the world of modeling with his famous beard, Dumas has attracted millions of followers on his Instagram profile. “My career as a senior model is young, but it starts well. I have great expectations,” he says. We agree, and can’t wait to see his face on another magazine cover again!

Anthony Varecchia, age 53


Look at those muscles! Anthony Varecchia is surely an Internet sensation with his great look at the age of 53. Look for his Instagram profile online and enjoy the photos.

Gianluca Vacchi, age 50


It’s incredible how Gianluca looks at the age of 50 – there are many young models who don’t look half as well as him! The business man is also very fond of dancing – just try looking for some of his videos online.

Aiden Brady, age 50


Aiden Brady has entered the modeling world in recent years and he doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. This golden oldie has also appeared on the big screen as well, so we might just see more of him in the future.

Eric Rutherford, age 49


Mr. Rutherford ages like fine wine. He is an event organizer in New York, an editor for At Large magazine and a model as well. He attracted millions of followers on his Instagram profile thanks to his nicely-chiseled face and great hair.

Alessandro Manfredini, age 48


The snow-white beard and contrasting dark eyes made Alessandro a favorite of millions around the world. The Italian stallion’s beard has served as an inspiration to many people around the world.

Deshun Wang, age 60


After taking the stage of China’s fashion week, Wang was named “the hottest grandfather” in China. From movie star to the cat-walk ling, Wang has it all at the age of 60.

Irvin Randle, age 54


Irvin has a better beard than millions of young people, and his impeccable style is definitely worth to mention. Being over 50 doesn’t stop Irvin – it’s actually made him more fashionable!

Ron Jack Foley, age 50


Ron should definitely be the new face of Toronto. His chiseled body can put many young people to shame, and his 50 shades of gray hair is definitely something to look at.

Shan Michael Hefley, age 54


If you need motivation for working out, look no further than Shan. Even at 54, he works out every day and eats a healthy diet, which has helped him transform his body to that of a Greek god!

As you can see, being over 50 shouldn’t be an obstacle. Being healthy and staying fit never goes out of style!

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